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Cabinet agrees to support school relocation

Aylestone Business and Enterprise College

Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet has today (Thursday 13 November) agreed to support the relocation of Broadlands Primary School on to the Aylestone Business and Enterprise College site.

The relocation, which is expected to cost £1million, will enable Broadlands Primary School to move onto the same site as Aylestone Business and Enterprise College in Hereford and improve the facilities available to pupils. The move will complete the formal federation the two schools entered into in September 2013. It will also be an example of the council’s approach to making the most of local resources, working with schools, parents and communities to deliver the best education available for children and young people.

The council is aware that both schools require significant ongoing maintenance and repair work, which is costly for both the schools and the council. There has also been a reduction in pupil numbers for both schools, so the requirements for space have reduced. Co-locating on one site will reduce the need for future expenditure and unnecessary running costs. There is adequate space on the proposed site to successfully accommodate both schools and some building work will be required to ensure a suitable and safe learning environment.

Councillor Jeremy Millar, Cabinet member for young people and children’s wellbeing, said: “We have a duty to support the county’s schools to deliver the highest quality education, which will bring the best outcomes for children and young people. The two schools have made it very clear that the learning environment for the pupils needs improvement and the proposed co-location will support this.

“We know that both schools are currently incurring additional running costs, including heating and lighting unused areas, so the co-location will not only provide an improved learning environment for pupils but also reduce unnecessary costs.

“Now the proposal has been supported by Cabinet, the council will commence consultation with both schools’ leaders and governors, parents and carers, the local community and relevant stakeholders, prior to taking the proposal forward to the implementation stage.

“We are confident that the proposed co-location of the two schools will ensure continued quality education and development for both the current and future pupils on a dedicated site.”

Once the project is complete, the existing Broadlands site will be surplus to requirement, so subject to Secretary of State approval; will be disposed of in accordance with council policy.

The council also accepted a petition on the proposal at today’s Cabinet meeting, which will be fully considered as part of the consultation process.

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