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Council invests to save in county’s street lighting

Herefordshire Council in partnership with Balfour Beatty Living Places will replace the county’s 9,000 existing streetlights with energy saving LED lighting over the next twelve months.

The replacement of existing lighting will effect £13.3m in savings over the next twenty years.

So far, a total of £1.495 million has been invested in replacing existing street lights, around 30% of the county’s stock, and a further £5.5m will be invested in the coming year.

The replacement lights will produce an estimated total saving of £13,315,086 and a total saving of 17,217 tonnes of Co2.   This is the largest Co2 reduction project the council has ever undertaken, and is essential to meeting the target of reducing carbon emissions by 30%. 

Cllr Price, cabinet member infrastructure said, “The LED lighting scheme results in better quality of lighting and reduced light pollution.”

The significant financial and carbon savings offered through the replacement scheme demonstrates our commitment to community leadership on carbon reduction and making savings at a time when natural resources are reducing”

By replacing and upgrading existing street lighting, the council will reduce the maintenance and running costs of street lighting, reduce carbon emissions, and alleviate the existing £3 million cost to repair street lighting in need of replacement.  The extended lifespan of an LED bulb, 24 years, compared to a traditional bulb, 3 years, means lighting will be more reliable and have a reduced maintenance costs.  

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