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Herefordshire Council's response to the Wye Valley NHS Trust CQC announcement

Today, 14 October 2014, the Care Quality Commission published a report into the quality of care at Wye Valley NHS Trust.

Overall the CQC found that services were inadequate though they did find good practice in some areas. The CQC has recommended that the Wye Valley NHS Trust be placed into special measures. This will mean that they will get help and support to improve.

There are a number of ways in which Herefordshire Council will be able to support improvement at the Wye Valley NHS Trust.

Councillor Graham Powell is chair of Herefordshire's Health and Wellbeing Board. He said

"Even though this report looks at Wye Valley NHS Trust services, it will contain important information for the whole health and social care system. I will be ensuring that this is raised at the health and wellbeing board so that all partners can be focused on driving improvement across Herefordshire.

The trust has a new chair and chief executive. The council has confidence that they can lead the improvement at the trust that is needed.

They will not have to do it alone. The council works closely with Wye Valley Trust across a wide range of services. We commission some public health services from the trust. Through the health and wellbeing board we also have a duty to ensure that health and social care services work effectively. My cabinet colleagues and I are committed to making sure health and social care services for local people improve and become more efficient. I know that the council’s chief executive and the directors of adult and children’s services are already talking to managers in the Wye Valley trust about ways in which we can assist.

We are also working closely with our colleagues in the clinical commissioning group to ensure that council and NHS services are as joined up and effective as possible."

Councillor Jeremy Millar is the cabinet member for Children’s Wellbeing

"The inspectors found that community health services for children were good. This is something the trust should build on and I am sure that they will.

The inspectors found that there were concerns relating to the safeguarding of children. I know that the trust has already briefed the independent chair of Herefordshire’s Safeguarding Children Board and he will be making his own statement on these issues.

The trust can be assured of the council’s full support to address any safeguarding concerns that they have not already tackled and to build on the strength of their community health services for children."

Councillor Carl Attwood is the Chair of Herefordshire Council’s Health and Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee. He said

"The committee has the role of ensuring the people running the local health and social care system are effectively held to account. We questioned Richard Beeken, Chief Executive at the Wye Valley NHS Trust in August and we expressed confidence in his ability to lead change at the trust. He was open and frank about the challenges his organisation faced and the members of the committee were pleased to see that he was making progress in significant areas.

Yesterday I spoke to the Chair of the Wye Valley NHS Trust. He outlined the steps the trust has taken to improve services since the inspection in June.

Clearly much more remains to be done. My committee will ensure that the public are kept informed about progress at the trust and we will, on behalf of local people, challenge the trust as well as council staff and other NHS employees to ensure they are working together effectively.

More information:

The response of Wye Valley NHS Trust is available here.

Healthwatch Herefordshire has published a statement in response to the news.

Wye Valley NHS Trust is regulated by the Trust Development Authority and their statement is available

Many services at Wye Valley NHS Trust are commissioned by Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

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