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Leominster school leads the way in carbon reduction and cash savings

A community cooperative in Leominster is making a difference to carbon reduction and to their pocket by investing in solar panels at the newly built Leominster Primary School.

Seventy four members make up the community co-op which has fully funded the 90kWp array at Leominster Primary School. One of the directors, Ben Whittle, is standing by to switch the array on as soon as the school opens.  A launch event will be announced in the near future.

The installation is expected to produce around 76,600kWh of solar energy a year, which will save approximately 33 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, compared to grid electricity. The school will be able to make use of between 50-100% of the solar electricity, which the co-op intends to sell at half the price the school would normally pay. This is estimated to save them up to £5,200 a year on their energy bills.

We believe that this is the first co-operatively owned solar array going on a new build school in the UK and makes Leominster one of the leading towns in the UK for community owned solar projects.  

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