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Magnificent mushrooms and fantastic fungi at Queenswood Country Park

One of Britain’s most iconic and distinctive fungi, the amanita muscaria (fly agaric)Are you struggling to sort your Shaggy Ink Cap from your Wax Cap or perhaps you’d like to bust the myths about Fungal Fairy Rings? Come along to Queenswood Country Park to find out more!

The Herefordshire Fungus Survey Group will be celebrating the second UK Fungus Day with a range of fungus themed displays and activities. The event takes place on Saturday 11 October from 10:00am to 3:30pm and everyone is invited to come along and be inspired by the fascinating world of fungi.

There will be guided walks or ‘forays’ along with displays, presentations and competitions and if you have a specimen you wish to be identified, there’ll be experts on hand to help you out.

Dr Roger Evans from the Herefordshire Fungus Survey Group, said: “Although they are often forgotten, fungi are massively important to us all, as they enable the existence of life on Earth. Come along and help put Herefordshire on the map with our Fungus Day celebrations!”

To find out more about the amazing world of fungi, please visit the Herefordshire Fungus Survey Group at or the British Mycological Society at

To find out about more about Queenswood Country Park, visit or

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