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Council to hold events aimed at new suppliers for local services

In the coming year Public Health will be re-commissioning existing and tendering for new services. This is an opportunity for potential service providers to understand how they can tender for work with the council.

A series of information events will be held throughout September to provide advice and guidance to businesses looking to work with the council. The events are a great opportunity for businesses, particularly those in the social care, health and leisure to diversify and reach a new market.

The purpose of these events is to provide an overview of public health commissioning and the timetables of the tendering process.

Attendees will be able to learn about:

  • Public Health commissioning
  • The timetables of the tendering process
  • The technical aspects of tendering with the council
  • Specific tendering process for public health work
  • Registering with the E- tendering portal

We will also be discussing what information we are looking for from prospective tenderers, and equipping them with information needed to participate during the tendering process.

Each of these events will be held in the Kindle Centre in Hereford in September and will cover the topics listed above.

To register for this event attendees can sign up on Eventbrite:

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