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Smallholding statement

Earlier this year, Herefordshire Council undertook a review of its smallholding estate, as the existing policy from 2009 was considered to be outdated and no longer appropriate to reflect changes to agricultural practices.

The review was undertaken by Fisher German and a detailed draft report was presented in July.

As the report covers a number of complex options for the council to consider, officers have identified the need to undertake significant additional work over the coming months, including testing planning assumptions, market conditions and development opportunities.

The council will present a position statement highlighting the additional work to be undertaken to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday 4 November. This will not, at this stage, include any recommendations or Cabinet reports.

The timetable for completing the proposed programme of work and overall review will take into account any comments from the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. These comments will also be incorporated into any subsequent Cabinet reports.

Due to the scale of work to be undertaken, it is therefore proposed that no decision will be taken on a revised policy until June 2015 at the earliest.

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