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Asbestos report on Hereford Library

Hereford Library

Report findings published

A consultant’s report into asbestos concentrations in the library building on Broad Street has been reviewed by Public Health England’s Centre for Radiation Chemical and Environmental Hazards. PHE’s advice is that

 ....assessment of these potential exposures of the general public to asbestos fibres from visiting these locations would be that the risk is negligible or very low, and any potential exposures would possibly not be very much different to everyday background exposure to asbestos fibres in the general environment which we all experience

From this, coupled with infrequent and relatively short visits to library by the public in general, the PHE judge the 

 “health risk to the public visiting the library to be negligible based on this evidence provided in the report. Of course we have no information of what conditions were like in previous years, so this judgement is made on the assumption that the findings in the report are reflective of typical conditions in the library in the past."

The report will now be presented to cabinet on the December 3 – the documentation for this meeting can be found here, including a summary of the asbestos report.

The cost of the removal of the asbestos will be in the region of £86,000, forming part of the overall repair schedule for the building which includes repairs to the roof – the total for all the works will be in the region of £1million

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