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Belmont Library to keep additional opening hours until March 2016

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Belmont library to keep longer opening hours

Herefordshire Council is now pleased to announce that the South Wye Community Association have very generously offered the council the opportunity to keep the additional opening hours at Belmont Library until the end of March 2016.

The additional opening hours has meant that the Belmont library has had an increase in visitor numbers of over 114% between September and November this year, compared with figures for the same period last year.

When the Hereford town library was closed in September due to the discovery of asbestos in the building, the opening hours at the Belmont library were increased to mirror the hours that the town library had been open.  It was then to revert to its usual opening hours after Christmas.

As Herefordshire Council are tenants of the South Wye Community Association, increasing the extra hours meant a small additional cost was incurred, however the term has now been extended to the end of March, very generously by the South Wye Community Association at no extra charge to Herefordshire Council.

The Council is extremely grateful to the South Wye Community Association for all the help and support that they have received during this difficult time.

Details on the opening hours and Belmont Library and all other Libraries in Herefordshire can be found here

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