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Town Hall and Shirehall access update

Hereford Town Hall


Update - Please note that the roof of the Shirehall has been repaired and the barriers will be removed tonight. Operations are expected to return to normal on 02 December 2015. 


Due to recent high winds some damage has been caused to both the Town Hall and Shirehall. This damage affects the way how these buildings are accessed, please see the information below. Please note that repair works will be carried out as soon as possible to allow normal access to resume.


Both pedestrian and vehicle access to the rear of the Shirehall has been closed in Goal St after the damage. To gain access by vehicle and on foot please use the gates from the front car park of the Shirehall in St Peters Square. When entering the front carpark use the first entrance that is next to 33/35 Union St. You can still access the side carpark by driving down the side of the Shirehall under the glass canopy. When exiting the car park use the front gate that is next to the public house. Premises in St. Owen St which have access to their own parking at the rear of the Shirehall, will be able to park in the council carpark.

Please be vigilant about pedestrians when accessing and leaving the front of Shire Hall.

Town Hall

All access to the Town hall is by the side and rear foot entrances only after the damage. Please note that vehicle access to the Townhall is unaffected. Scaffolding will be erected around and under the canopy to protect pedestrians when this is completed normal access will be allowed to the Townhall.

Members of the public are requested to follow this advice until further notice.

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