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The future of health and social care – residents asked to vote on priorities

Local residents are being asked to get involved with shaping the future of the county’s health and social care by helping to decide the priorities for Herefordshire’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

The council is also asking community groups and representatives, staff and partner organisations to comment on the principles and priorities in the strategy to make sure we have as wide a range of views and suggestions as possible. The priorities in the strategy are:

  • For children – Look at starting well with pregnancy, maternal health, 0– 5 immunisations, breastfeeding and through life with attention to dental health, education, children with disabilities, young offenders, those not in education, employment or training
  • For adults with long term conditions –Look at supporting a healthy lifestyle and reducing alcohol, smoking, weight, and increasing activity levels
  • For older people – What can be done to improve quality of life and reduce social isolation and fuel poverty
  • Reduce long term health inequalities by addressing issues such as the impact of housing and poverty have on communities
  • Identify and help vulnerable groups such as returning veterans and forces families
  • Address mental health and wellbeing to help and developing resilience in children, young people and adults
  • Tackle hidden issues in communities such as alcohol abuse in older men & women
  • We need to take much more of a preventative approach than we have done previously to ensure that we support people to look after themselves and their families

Cllr Graham Powell, chairman for the health and wellbeing board, said: "The role of the Health and Wellbeing Board is to make sure that support and care commissioned by the council and its partners meets the needs of Herefordshire residents.

“We have undertaken research and know what the evidence tells us in relation to needs.  It is important we listen to residents too because we don’t have the funds in health or social care to do everything that we would like to. 

“We have to make difficult decisions about how we prioritise our work: the final strategy will determine the way we work over the next year to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of people in the county.

“Therefore we want people to tell us what is important to them so that we can make choices together.”

To review and comment on the Health and Wellbeing priorities visit:

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