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Chief executive proposes moving senior interim roles to a permanent position

Herefordshire Council’s Employment Panel will consider a report by the council’s chief executive on the council’s approach to setting the pay of employees.

The panel will then make recommendations to the full council which has the ultimate say over pay policy. Herefordshire Council, in common with all councils, is required to report annually on employee pay and does so through the Employment Panel.

The employment panel is one of the decision making committees appointed by council and its membership reflects the political proportionality of the overall council. It makes recommendations to council about the annual pay policy statement and any salary proposed in excess of £100,000. It also has responsibility for overseeing the recruitment and selection to certain specified senior management posts.

In his report the chief executive will also outline proposals to develop the structure of his senior management team, specifically by putting in place a number of permanent senior management posts in place of interim roles as the council continues to respond to unprecedented financial and policy challenges.

The employment panel will be required to approve the salaries of two of these roles and another will need to be considered by the full council; the panel will be informed by the outcome of an independent job evaluation.

The chief executive plans to replace the interim roles and to recruit to the permanent positions of director of adults and wellbeing, director of public health, director of resources (section 151 officer) over the next few months. This will be dependent on the decisions of the Employment Panel and the Council. Each of these jobs would cover a statutory post (meaning the council has a legal duty to employ someone in this role). He also proposes recruiting an Assistant director – adults commissioning

Alistair Neill, the chief executive of the council, said

“The council needs experienced, qualified professionals in place to manage, even after the large cuts of the past few years, one of the largest employers in the county, managing over £350 million annual expenditure. The way we run council services has an impact on the economy of the county, the lives of local people, particularly the young and the vulnerable and on the effectiveness of public services.”

“We know that local people want the council to make sure it doesn’t spend too much on senior managers. The salary of our most senior employees must be agreed by councillors whether in the Employment Panel or in the full council. Those councillors expect me to run an effective and efficient organisation on their behalf and I look forward to discussing these matters with them in these public meetings.”

The Employment Panel meets on 14 January at 2 pm in the Shire Hall, Hereford. More details are available here.

Any recommendations from the Employment Panel will be considered by Council at its meeting on 6 February at 10 am at Shire Hall. More details are available here.

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