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Council committed to keeping data safe

The council’s audit and corporate governance committee will be told this week that of the 64 data breaches listed in the monitoring officer’s report, two represented situations of a data breach that were reported to the Information Commissioner.  For one of these cases the ICO deemed no further action needed to be taken with the other case awaiting a decision.

The total number of concerns reported internally to our information governance section, in the municipal year ending 30 April 2013, were as follows:

2 - information left in public
18 - inappropriate disclosure
24 - information sent to the wrong address
2 - information incorrectly recorded
4 - information left on printer
3 - lost device
4 - inappropriate access
3 - data lost in transit
1-  inappropriate storage of data
3 - other

Bill Norman, assistant director of governance said “We take our responsibility to protect people’s data very seriously. All our staff are required to complete data protection training. The vast majority of the concerns reported to us are situations where people’s data was kept safe but where correct procedures were not followed. We encourage our staff to raise even minor concerns with the information governance team. This allows us to investigate and improve our procedures.  All data breaches are unacceptable and the council rightly has a focus of continuous improvement around data security.”

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