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High Town refurbishment plans

Shoppers, visitors and commuters to Hereford City will see an improvement to the city centre environment over the coming years, as a result of plans to give the area a new look. Balfour Beatty Living Places is currently developing a programme of works for High Town which will be phased over the next few years and is likely to see an investment in excess of £2.5m, with phase one likely to start later this year following consultation with stakeholders.

The plans will complement proposals for a Business Improvement District for the city and support the economy by ensuring High Town continues to be a great place to visit and do business. 

The Old Market has been successful in bringing more people to Hereford and the pedestrian friendly crossing on the ring road and the attractive look of Widemarsh Street has encouraged visitors to move freely between the old and new parts of the city centre.

Cllr Tony Johnson, leader of Herefordshire Council said, “The refurbishment of Widemarsh Street in 2010 has contributed to the lift in the economy of the street by providing an attractive connection between the Old Market and the historic centre of the city.  The aspiration for the centre is to bring it up to the same standard as Widemarsh Street, using the same robust materials for longevity, removing clutter and creating a consistent aesthetic.

We have been aware of the increasing maintenance issues in High Town and this has led to a greater need for routine maintenance.  This means that we need to consider what could be done to improve the quality of the High Town environment and reduce current and future maintenance costs.”

The proposals for High Town will be in be included within the council’s Public Realm Annual Plan for the next financial year which is expected to be approved in March 2015.

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