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Helping people recover from drug and alcohol addiction

A change in focus is set to help people with drug and alcohol addiction recover and live positive active lives in their local communities.

Herefordshire Council has this week awarded a three year contract worth more than £5m in total to national organisation, Addaction to deliver substance misuse services across the county.   The service will replace that currently delivered by 2gether Trust’s DASH project, which provides treatment and support to more than 900 people helping them get off drugs and alcohol and back into work or, training and involved in healthy activities.

The service to be provided by Addaction has been designed to expand the recovery options and therapies that people can receive as part of their treatment plan.  People needing support will be encouraged to get more involved in putting their recovery plan together and to share their experience and knowledge to help other people recover as well. 

The new provider will bring a wealth of experience to Herefordshire, bringing nationally recognised programmes and a wide range of new activities to help more individuals successfully complete their treatment.  They will also add a new dimension focussing on prevention of harm from substances and working with recovering users to positively change attitudes to the use of drugs and alcohol by all age groups.

Councillor Patricia Morgan, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “We are delighted to have appointed Addaction to deliver this incredibly important service.  We want to give people who want to change their lives the opportunity to live a life free from dependency on drugs and/or alcohol and to be able to positively contribute to their families and communities.

“There’s a real chance here to support people who are living with addiction and to also get them involved in promoting prevention and helping to change attitudes. 

“We are striving to change our approach so that we move beyond treating people to helping them recover and regain their lives and integrate back into society.  We will be working very closely with DASH to make sure the service is transferred as smoothly as possible.”  

Herefordshire Council is grateful for the commitment shown by 2gether Trust/DASH and all their staff in helping so many people receive treatment for their addictions and for their assurance that the transition to the new service will be smooth and seamless.

The new contract will begin in December 2015.

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