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Civil enforcement officers to wear body worn video equipment

Civil enforcement officers from Herefordshire Council will soon wear body worn video equipment to act as a deterrent against aggressive behaviour from members of the public.

Civil enforcement officers are sometimes subject to incidences of verbal and physical abuse. Parking enforcement is a contentious, emotive subject and quite often front-line staff encounter frustrations from members of the public.

All of our front line staff are trained in conflict resolution techniques to diffuse most situations but these techniques do not always work; the use of body worn video equipment will help to protect staff further.

The purpose of the camera is to deter any aggression in the first instance, and should a physical or verbal attack take place it will capture video and sound to assist in the identification of the person(s) responsible. The council treats all cases of aggressive behaviour towards its staff seriously and will report such incidents to the police.

Councillor Paul Rone, cabinet member for transport and roads said, “We understand that receiving a parking ticket is frustrating but we cannot and should not expect civil enforcement officers to be subject to verbal or physical attack.

The use of body worn video equipment will help to deter people from venting their frustrations on the civil enforcement staff and we hope people will think twice before abusing officers who just have a job to do.

No one likes receiving a penalty charge notice but the council cannot adequately manage its roads and car parks without these penalties being in place for those who contravene traffic regulation orders or overstay their time in our car parks.”

We expect the equipment to be operational by the end of March 2015.

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