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Herefordshire gears up for first triple election in history

Herefordshire voters are expected to go to the polls in record numbers on 7 May. It will be the largest election operation ever managed in the county.

This year’s polls will be the first to feature all three elections on one day in Herefordshire’s history. 

John Jones, deputy acting returning officer said, “This year’s election is a huge undertaking for our team, which is normally a team of five. In total we will employ over 1000 temporary staff to assist us through the next couple of months.

In total we’re dealing with two parliamentary constituencies, 53 new district wards and 137 parishes.

There are currently 1229 parish councillors in office across Herefordshire and many of these seats will be contested on 7 May.  All together we expect to handle around 2000 nominations.

We expect a record number of votes to be cast this year; the higher turnout for the general election will have a knock-on effect as people will already be making their trip to the polling station, making it more likely for them to vote in the local and parish elections.”

Staff are busy processing applications to appear on the electoral register. The deadline to make an application to appear on the electoral register to vote at this year’s elections is 20 April 2015.

Applications can be made online

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