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Kington to receive the county’s first integrated wellbeing centre

Residents in Kington and the surrounding area will soon be able to access various services under one roof as plans to integrate libraries, customer services and wellbeing services are put into place.

The centre is due to be refurbished from Monday 13 April, and after a short period to allow for refurbishment will be open again in early May.

The space within the site is being maximised alongside the existing Library and Customer Service to include single access point in helping provide people with wellbeing and preventative health  information, therapy sessions, children’s play sessions, counselling and group sessions. The project is being delivered in a partnership with Herefordshire Council and Kington Town Council, along with working closely with local community and voluntary groups to bring together the range of activities taking place in Kington whilst introducing new opportunities for residents.

Other services will include advice on how to access benefits, using improved I.T. facilities including Wi-Fi, which will assist customers to access services online.

The approach taking place in Kington will act as a prototype for considering wellbeing centres in different parts of the county – and though the concept will be the same, the design will be dependent on local factors and opportunities.

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