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Take advantage of your mid-life MOT with a free NHS Health Check

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Herefordshire residents are being encouraged to attend free NHS Health Checks. The Health Checks assess the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, and some forms of dementia. By identifying the risks early, your GP can then work with you to lower your chances of developing these health problems in the future.

The NHS Health Checks are part of a national scheme which sees anyone aged between 40 and 74, who has not already been diagnosed with the conditions mentioned, invited for a free check once every five years.

Ian Anderson, Health Improvement Practitioner at Herefordshire Council, said:

“Being invited for your NHS Health Check is the perfect opportunity to have a mid-life MOT, identify any risks if there are any, and take the first crucial steps to a healthier lifestyle. We urge everyone that receives an invitation to take advantage of this opportunity as it only comes around every five years.”

Visit to find out more about the checks and how they will benefit you.

If you have not received an invitation but are concerned about your health, you should contact your GP in the normal way.

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