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Council welcomes Ashperton School visit

Children from Ashperton Primary School have improved their knowledge of democracy after a visit to the council’s Plough Lane offices last week.

Eighteen children ranging from 5-11 years old visited to talk to some of the council’s staff from a range of departments as part of their democracy fortnight. The visit happened on the first induction day of the authority’s newly elected ward councillors, giving the children an opportunity to talk to existing councillors and staff about their roles in the community.

Cllr Paul Rone spoke to the children about the recent elections and the day-to-day life as a ward councillor. Paul said, “I was really impressed firstly by the behaviour and conduct of the children. But, I was more impressed by the quality of questions they asked and their general interest in local government.

The children, some of whom were part of their school council explained that they had been voted for by their peers in their own school election and are involved in some key decisions the school make like employing new teachers.

Ashperton School should be commended in their approach to democracy; a subject that is little covered in the curriculum but has far reaching effects for everyone throughout their lifetime.”

Luisa Lee-Smith, teacher from Ashperton School said “"This was such a valuable experience for our children.  We have been learning about democracy as part of our British Values teaching and the visit to the council really brought the concept of local democracy to life.  The children reported back their findings to the rest of the school, so everyone at Ashperton has benefitted from the visit."

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