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Council statement: Unauthorised term time absence legal action

In line with government legislation, Herefordshire Council and our schools take the matter of unauthorised term time absence seriously, as it’s important that children regularly attend school for continued educational and social development.

In this instance, it was not the first time the child had been taken out of school without authorisation; on this occasion it resulted in the child missing 17 full days of school.

We certainly don’t want to prevent children from experiencing new challenges and cultures which can enrich their development, but it’s imperative that this doesn’t interfere with their education and that parents do this in partnership with their child’s school.

We are pleased that the court agreed with our assessment and would encourage other parents not to take their children out of school unless in exceptional circumstances and with the full agreement of the headteacher.

Councillor Jonathan Lester
Cabinet member for young people and children’s wellbeing

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