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Herefordshire Council set to renew commitment to fibre broadband

Herefordshire Council will be deciding their future commitment to fibre deployment on 3rd December when a revised Fastershire broadband strategy will be debated.

It is estimated the current broadband delivery will reach in the region of 90% of premises in Herefordshire by the end of 2016.  To reach deeper into rural areas national government has allocated up to £5.52m additional funding to the county, with the funds expected to be matched by local sources.  The revised broadband strategy outlines how the funds will be used to meet the ambition of the council that by  the end of 2018 everyone in Herefordshire will be able to access the broadband services they need.

The strategy has been revised due to the changes in technology more suited to deploying fibre in rural areas, new providers entering the market as potential suppliers and funding opportunities.  The strategy also addresses the importance of people making the most of the fibre network by going to line to support business growth, support education and learning, and on-one services being used increasing for health monitoring and prevention.

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