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Last chance to apply for 2015/16 funding for public green spaces grants

Prince Rupert Green

Herefordshire Council has announced a deadline of 27 January 2016 to apply to the Public Green Spaces Community Grant Scheme.

The scheme, which was first developed in 2014 in response to reductions in grass cutting, offers a small fund of up to £750 to help local community groups within the county to bring ideas and projects to life for maintaining and enhancing public green spaces.

The scheme particularly aims to support projects which incorporate community involvement and promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. An additional £250 to pay for sports, gardening or recreational equipment for the community to enjoy is also available to apply for.

The scheme provides funding for local community groups to maintain and enhance the county’s green spaces. Groups can apply for funding at any time up to 27th January with applications taking approximately 4 weeks to determine.

A decision on whether to run the scheme for the financial year 2016/17 will be subject to the availability of future funding.

Councillor Paul Rone, Cabinet member for transport and roads, said: “With reducing council budgets, I am keen to encourage communities to do as much as they can for themselves. I would encourage local community groups to play a more active part in enhancing their local environment and making the most of the health benefits that a public green space can provide by applying for a grant before the deadline.”

For further details about the scheme, including a successful project case study and how to make an application, please visit the public green spaces community grant webpage on the council website

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