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Business continuity assistance for local businesses

Flooding in HerefordshireHerefordshire Council is providing assistance to local businesses at risk of flooding to ensure they have efficient business continuity plans in place.

The scheme is in response to countywide flooding which affects a number of areas and businesses, which current scientific evidence suggests will increase in frequency and severity. As this impacts on many of our small and medium sized businesses, in terms of premises being flooded or staff not being able to get to work, it’s imperative that efficient plans are in place to deal with such situations.

The council, using Department for Business, Innovation and Skills funding, has commissioned Biscon to undertaken a review of the business continuity arrangements for those businesses which are most likely to be affected by flooding, especially critical services such as care homes, highlighting those which don’t have efficient plans in place.

Councillor Philip Price, Cabinet member for infrastructure, said: “In order for the county’s businesses to be resilient against severe weather, especially flooding, we need to ensure they have identified any potential risks and have efficient business continuity plans in place to help them successfully cope and minimise any loss.

“The appointment of Biscon will not only help us to identify those businesses most at risk but will also make recommendations for a best practice approach for the county to ensure that flooding doesn’t impact our business economy.”

Biscon will be contacting businesses deemed to be at risk until 13 November 2015.

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