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Publication of Local Plan Inspector’s report

The long awaited report from the Local Plan inspector has concluded that the plan is sound and forms the basis for future planning in the county.

Following the Local Plan hearings in February 2015 the Inspector’s report was published on 

29 September 2015.  It concludes that the Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy 2011-2031 provides an appropriate basis for planning in the county providing a number of modifications are made to the plan.  The various modifications have been the subject of detailed consultation since the hearings came to an end earlier this year.

The principal elements of the plan remain in terms of the overall level of growth and its distribution across the county.  The principal modifications include the separate preparation of a waste and minerals plan, a revised approach to the relationship between infrastructure, growth and monitoring and modifications to clarify the roles of neighbourhood plans.

The receipt of the Inspector’s report will be reported to the cabinet on 15 October and to Council on 16 October.  At those meetings a decision will be made on the adoption of the Plan itself.

Councillor Philip Price, cabinet member infrastructure said, “I am delighted that we have received the Inspector’s report and that it concludes that subject to the incorporation of the main modifications that the plan is sound and legally compliant and is capable of adoption.

This represents the outcome of many years of hard work and public debate on this important document.

It sets out a very clear strategy for the growth of the county up to 2031.  In setting out these ambitions for growth the plan has properly sought to safeguard the very special and distinctive built and natural environment in the county. 

We have also sought to ensure that new development is properly supported and underpinned by the delivery of strategic and local infrastructure.  The Inspector’s report now provides the county with a clear opportunity to adopt an up-to-date local plan which will provide a sound long-term basis against which planning applications can be determined locally.”

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