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New quality assurance framework for adult care and support services

Older person holding handsThe council’s new approach to quality assurance for adult care and support services across the county has been launched.

The new quality assurance framework will ensure that service providers offer appropriate high quality care and support services to meet the individual needs of the county’s adults. We continue to build positive relationships with service providers and residents to ensure this is achieved, as supportive partnership working will enable quality improvements to be delivered with better, innovative and cost-effective outcomes to promote the wellbeing of those who need our care and support.

The key principles of the new quality assurance framework maintain an approach which is person-centred, intelligent, supportive and proportionate. This moves away from planned monitoring visits to informed monitoring activities undertaken in partnership with service providers, residents and their carers.

As part of the framework, new quality standards will also be introduced in conjunction with Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). These will reflect what good practise looks like and all service providers and partner organisations will be required to work towards these standards to ensure high quality care and support is delivered.

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